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You May Be In Luck!
I think that I can get back the pictures for the Farseer painting tutorial for you guys! (see right) If I do get the pics, it will probably be very soon; but if I dont, I have another one coming along with lots of pics!

I just had a Farseer painting tutorial for you, but I lost all of the pics! The only one I have is in the gallery. Sorry guys!

The Gallery is Better Than Ever!
I just finished redoing the Gallery because it was lagging and the pics weren't very good. It looks better now and you dont have to scroll over to see the other pics!

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Sorry About the Pop-Ups
I am sorry there are many pop-up adds on my site, I dont like paying for sites. If you want to lend me money, I'll be glad to take it.=) If you want to download the Pop-Up Stopper, go here:

Unknown- 10
Please send me an e-mail of your best painted stuff, and I will put it above along with a name. Also, it will be put in the gallery, and to add to that, I will grade it out of 10 on how good it is!
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